Storytime With Unaisah Episode 29 Shownotes

Session 3 Hajj Series 2022

We are reading sections from

Young Explorers’ Advetures in Makkah

By Abu Zaynah

Tell Me About Hajj

By Saniyasnain Khan


Send in your answers to these questions:

1. Who was the first to build the 🕋 Kaa’ba?

2. What colour was the Black Stone when it was first sent down?

3. How many pillars are there inside the Kaa’ba?

Send your answers to my Instagram Storytime With Unaisah.

Or join my telegram channel Storytime With Unaisah and send your answers on there.

Or text the station on this number 07305828531

This competition is kindly sponsored by

For more information on the book we are reading please visit


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