Storytime With Unaisah Episode 53

Prophet Dawud

Prophet Sulayman

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Stories Of The Prophets-27: Sulayman (as) – Part 1 – Mufti Ismail MenkYouTube · soukISLAM17 Nov 2016

Stories Of The Prophets-28: Sulayman -P2 , Ilyaas, Dhul Kifl, Zakariyyah, Yahya (as …YouTube · soukISLAM18 Nov 2016


Storytime With Unaisah Episode 51

Aqsa Week: The Event.

Aqsa Week is back!

Join us from Monday 13th February to Sunday 19th February for a global week of events, actions and awareness dedicated to Masjid Al-Aqsa.

Learn about the importance of the sacred mosque and help spread the love for Al-Aqsa through your networks, dont forget to use #LoveAqsa.

Here are three things you can do during this special week:

1) Organise an event on Aqsa
2) Distribute ‘What is Masjid Al-Aqsa’ leaflets
3) Ask your mosque to deliver a khutba on Al-Aqsa

Last year over 50 countries took part, can we top this number?

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Prophets in Palestine Series – Prophet Yusuf


Beautiful recitation of Surah Yusuf

Storytime With Unaisah Episode 50



  Hebron Glass

Handmade Ceramics and Glass

Prophet Ibrahim

Book Recommendations

Palestine Beginner’s Guide by Ismail Adam Patel

Madina To Jerusalem by Ismail Adam Patel

Virtues Of Jerusalem by Ismail Adam Patel

Huma’s Guide to Palestine

Friends of Al Aqsa (FOA)

Hand Embroidered Fair Trade items made by women in Hebron

Cave of The Patriarchs

Storytime With Unaisah Episode 47

Sadiq and the Green Thumbs

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Horticulture and Medicine:

By a Parent/Horticulturist

Allah has created everythign around us. In the garden, there is so much of Allah’s beauty and goodness that we can all benefit from

All humans need to eat. And to eat we all need plants. Can you think of any food that is not related to plants?

So plants give us fruits and vegetables. And plants are food for animals that we eat too.

But plants can also help us in other ways

When we are sick we go to the doctor. The doctor gives us some medicine to make us better. We go and get the medicne from the chemist. The medicine can make you better but sometimes it can have other ingredients in it which our bodies may not like

Allah’s chemist is in the graden, It is in the plants and flowers and fruits and vegetables.

Many plants contain medicine that can make some of our illnesses better. For example, if we have a headache, we can rub some peppermint leaves on our head. If we have a cold, we can drink Olive and Ginger tea. If you have muscle pain you can even use chillies!! But you have to first learn how to use these things properly.

Scientists are still discovering all the power there is in plants. In the jungles and rainforests, Allah has created plants that can even help cancer

But locally, we can try and grow things that will help us on a daily basis. It is not difficult. You do not need a big garden.

Have a go at planting some of your own natural medicine!

Get Growing with Children

Storytime With Unaisah Episode 45

Sadiq and The Bridge Builders

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Engineering Projects for Kids

Build a Spaghetti Bridge

Mimar Sinan

1001 Muslim Inventions