Storytime With Unaisah Episode 30

Session 4 Hajj Series

Last week’s winner




Send in answers to these questions. One listener will have the chance to win the book

Tell Me About Hajj by Saniyasnain Khan

Kindly given by Kitaabun

1. Who was the mother of Ismaeel (peace be upon him)?

2. Who came and uncovered the well of Zanzam for Ismaeel and his mother (peace be upon them both)?

3. Whose footprints are embedded in the Maqaam of Ibraheem

Send your answers to me on Instagram on Storytime With Unaisah or send a text message to Radio seerah on 07305828531

Books about Hajj





Check out the Hajj selection at The Bookmart

Young Explorers’ Adventures in Makkah


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