Storytime With Unaisah Episode 41

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How to deal with negative emotions

The Ten Keys To Relief

Help Yourself Overcome Anxiety

Information for parents:

Ideas about how to reduce your waste:

*Compost your kitchen waste.

Make kitchen waste compost easily at home (English subtitles ) (How to Make Fast Compost at Home)

*Buy less clothes and buy clothes that are long lasting. Cheap, fast fashion has many issues with it, one of the issues being clothes getting thrown away after just a few weeks of being worn. Recycle your old clothes.

*Shop local and shop the foods that are in season. Farm shops have fresh vegetables and charity shops have items like used books at bargain prices. You can also donate your good quality items and help them raise money.

*Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reduce means we should try to make as little waste as possible. Reuse means using items more than one time – like a bag for life that you get in the U.K. supermarkets. Recycle means putting an item to another use instead of chucking it away. In Leicester, we have a roadside recycling scheme that collects plastic and glass bottles and jars.

Green Guardians Leicester is an organisation that is doing a lot of environmental work. They have a lot of information and many resources on their website. Check them out.

*Now here’s a fun word. Have you ever heard about plogging? Plogging is a combination of Jogging and picking up litter. The word comes from combining the Swedish verbs plocka upp (pick up) and jogga (jog) and we get a whole new verb plogga, from which the word plogging comes. It started as an group activity in Sweden around 2016 and has now spread to other places as well. We can start our own activities and invite others to come. We can walk instead of jog if we want!

Book Recommendation

Tracey Smith

The Book of Rubbish Ideas: An interactive, room-by-room, guide to reducing household waste.

If you have ideas that you want to share then please get in touch. Leave a comment or contact @storytime.with.unaisah on Instagram.


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