Storytime With Unaisah Episode 36

When the Moon split

Congratulations to Aisha on winning the competition.

Thank you to Rivers Of Paradise on Instagram for the prize – a gift wrapped jar of pure, raw, organic honey. Check them out on Instagram for lovely gift hampers.

What does Hijra mean

Hijri calendar,_Started_the_Muslim_Calendar,_639_CE

Description of the Prophet SAW

On the authority of Umm Ma‘bad ‘Atikah bint Khalid al-Khuza‘iyyah (ra) who said:

’I saw a man of visible radiance and purity, beautiful appearance, bright faced, with neither protruding ribs nor a small head, handsome and fair. His eyes were deep black and large, and his eyelashes were lush. His voice was mellow and soft. The whiteness of his eyes was bright and his pupils were very black. His eyebrows were beautifully arched and connected. His neck was long, his beard densely full. When he was silent, he appeared dignified. When he spoke, he was eminent and crowned with magnificence. His speech was sweet, his words precise, neither too little nor too much. Like a string of pearls flowing down gradually.

He was the most striking and beautiful of people when seen from afar and the fairest of them when seen up close. He was medium height, neither unagreeably tall nor scornfully short; a branch between two branches. Among the three he was the most radiant in appearance, the finest of them in stature. He was surrounded by companions. When he spoke, they listened attentively. When he gave orders, they hastened to fulfil them. Honoured, served and surrounded by followers. He neither frowned, nor criticised’.

[Al-Baihaqi and al-Hakim]


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