Children’s Heart Unit, Glenfield,Leicester

U3 had an appointment at the heart unit at children’s Outpatients at Glenfield hospital this past Friday. She had an ECG, and a heart echo scan.
Her consultant suggested it, not because anything seemed wrong, but just to make sure that everything was OK. Thankfully, it is – her heart is fine.

I have used the Unit twice now. My son, U5, when he was first diagnosed with PCD (at three days old) went there as a seven day old baby. The doctors pored over his echo pictures for over an hour, while the nurses comforted me (I was an emotional mess). My son has dextrocardia and situs inversus, (Google is my friend), and the doctors needed to know that every part of the heart was functioning normally. They found that even though everything was mirrored, his heart was fine. Miraculously. I am thankful.

Needless to say, the Unit is vital to people whose children have heart conditions. Yet, this important service is under threat due to cuts.

You can read more about it here:

And here.


And here.

“Closing the unit would also compromise our paediatric intensive care unit, with a knock on effect on other vital children’s services in Leicester, and put at risk our world leading ECMO service which is the largest in the country, with the only national patient transport service. (MP Liz Kendall)



It makes no sense to close this service – and leave the East Midlands as the only region in the country without a children’s heart surgery unit – when Glenfield’s outcomes are so good, and improving.
Closing the unit would also affect our brilliant Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) service, which is the largest not just in Britain but all of Europe. (Liz Kendall, MP)

And here.


Petition here.

And here.

And here:

Thank you.


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