My Willowbrook Farm camping visit. U2

image.jpegHiya ,U2 here. Last Saturday, my family and I went on a camping trip to Willowbrook Farm, Oxford. We stayed there for 2 nights and had a really great time.

We had a campfire, and I tried to roast marshmallows, but failed miserably😔… First of all I FORGOT the skewers to STICK the marshmallows to for an easy roasting session, so instead it became a hard roasting session. I had to make my own “contraption” (sellotaping a fork on to top of a knife to make a longer fork thingie). And that seemed to work okay until I got fed up of roasting marshmallows and settled on eating them staight out of the packet. (Mum wasn’t pleased …)

The first night was there were some noisy neighbors who stayed awake the whole night!!! Their laughing kept startling me awake…But at sunrise they packed and left. Yaay!

The toilets were a bit of a walk from the tents – a walk through a gated field with a horse, llamas, sheep and goats. I was nervous about that. Never been around animals before…but it was quite ok. The brown llama stood up every time I passed. I was not quite sure why…

I found it a bit hard to sleep on the ground because it was a bit uncomfortable and quite hard! (I always thought grass was a soft surface…) Although once you get in a nice position, you sleep well.

The next morning was sooooooooo hot! I was literally panting , PANTING (and i never pant) because of how hot it was. After breakfast, we went Strawberry Picking and I ate a bunch of delicious tasting strawberries,which I had picked all by myself. Nothing yumm-ier than something you ‘ve worked hard on picking 😋 (Except spinach, nice try, Mum!)

We also visited the famous river Thames. The water felt all nice and cold i could have jumped right in (don’t know why I didn’t). I found out a cool fact – the stretch of River Thames in Oxford is called Isis. (Wikipedia is great!)

The second night’s sleep was better than the first. I guess I was “used to it” by now😁. For breakfast there was a good ol’ cheese sandwich. Then we packed up, and Mum was impressed with my sleeping-bag-packing-skills. (Scout camping trips did teach me a thing or two after all!)

I felt a bit sad that we were leaving the farm, but I had a really fun time, and I learned a bit about organic farming. I hope my family and I go on another camping trip soon😆.


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