Family Camping. U1

Last week I went camping with my family to Williowbrook farm in Oxford. Willowbrook is an organic farm, and they have chickens, sheep, a horse, geese and soon turkeys, amongst other animals.

I have been camping before with my scout group- but it was a interesting experience to go with my family. I really enjoyed it. I’m quite ok with sleeping on the ground. Like I said to Mum, the first night is the worst. You get used to it. Or it may just be that I like my sleep, and I could sleep with a stone as a pillow. That’s what Mum tells me, anyway. Especially when I slept through the heat which drove everyone out of their tents by 9 am. Aahhh well, what can I say?

The only downside for me is that I’m afraid of animals so it was a bit different for me to go places with complete comfort, especially the trip to the bathroom because to reach it you have to pass through the horse pen (a very friendly horse might I add) who loved to be petted and fed. That was a very unique experience for me.

We also had a camp fire which took a lot of effort to start because of the wind. U2suggested laying the logs ‘Japanese style’ whatever that may be. It didn’t work.

We pitched two tents, one for my sisters and me and the other for my parents and brothers. The nights were cold, and days really hot. We had the beginnings of the heatwave while we were there.

Overall it was a really fun trip and I recommend people who haven’t gone camping to give it a try. Willowbrook sell a variety of meat products and you could have a lovely barbecue right there on the farm.

Till next time – cya!


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